Rejection Letters.

Ever since I’ve been trying to get my story ‘STROBE’ published, I have received 4 rejection letters from different companies and agents respectively. They are the type where they typically don’t respond back if you don’t fit their criteria, and you know what happened? They all wrote back to me, wishing me luck with finding someone! I would prefer the silence. I’m gonna keep trekking on, but I forgot how it made me feel when different publishing companies deemed my book not good enough. Pretty sad, and a lot angry. It’s like a contradiction to my mind, to be honest.

One of my friends Jason told me that it wasn’t really a rejection letter, but it was more of a missed  opportunity. That made me smile, 🙂

And in the naked light I saw, ten thousand people, maybe more! People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening.  People writing songs, that voices never share. And no one dare, disturb the sound of silence.

                                                                                        –  Simon and Garfunkel, or Disturbed.



3 thoughts on “Rejection Letters.

  1. Good luck on your road to getting published. I read somewhere that Stephenie Meyer was rejected by 11 publishers before Little Brown nabbed her. Somethings just take time. At least that’s what I tell myself when I get rejection letters.

  2. Rejection letters are just part of the process and are to be expected. Look up how many rejection letters Stephen King got before he sold his first story. You just have to be stubborn and have a thick skin. The best rejection letters will give you clues on how to improve your queries and/or your writing. I know one of the ones I got was from a publisher I later learned would have been a nightmare to have signed with (they screwed a lot of their authors over big time). Dodged a bullet there. You’ll find the right fit eventually; just don’t give up.

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