I somehow came onto the topic of ‘spinal taps’ the other day with someone (I forget who), and how many times I’ve had them done. I’ve had them done, twice? Once when I was 8 months old, and another when I was 12.

Big difference, right?

I was really sick one day, the seizures lasting  for what felt like forever and never stopping, and constant throw up with a hint of stained car seats when  I was taken to the hospital. They thought I had Meningitis, and I didn’t know what that meant until I saw Hannibal the TV show and cringed. #TEAMHANNINGRAM

I just thought it was a reason for them to stick a long needle into my back to suck spinal fluid out and try to cause me as much pain as possible.  It wasn’t Meningitis, BTW – they weren’t quite sure what caused those episodes, so its another mystery in the mind palace of Megan E. Morales.



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