One of my friends gave me this very pretty dress a year or so ago –  and its short, pure black, with bright red skulls and straps that have buckles on it and completely punk rock! Just what you would want to wear at a ‘GNR’ concert! I want to wear this particular dress tomorrow for the concert, but you know what I’m and a bunch of other girls are thinking about, when they want to wear a dress that cute?

That you might get raped because you wanted to look pretty.

You see all of these videos online on how to protect yourself from men, how some politician’s are saying that women are completely asking for it for wearing something that short and that they shouldn’t wear something like that because it’ll distract the men and give them ‘thoughts’.

It’s a bunch of bullcrap, that’s what.

Women should be able to wear short dresses, short shorts that could show off some of your butt cheeks if you really wanted to look like that! Instead of telling girls to cover up and look conservative, why don’t you teach the men not to be complete perverts? #FOODFORTHOUGHT, #NOTALLMEN, #DRESSES, #IMPORTANTPOST, #IMO #MR.ROBOT


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