Yesterday I was thinking about what happened when I was seventeen, when I dropped from smoking/eating too much pot – and I finally realized what I was feeling at the time. It kinda felt like I was having one very long absent seizure and it makes me shudder to think about it, sometimes.

People point out to me that its something most people pay to feel like, but not me. Its weird because some of my friends asked me in the past if I ‘like’ having seizures, and you know what I respond with?

I bloody well do not!

Everybody has their own preferences, and for me? I just don’t like anything to do with pot after I had that bad experience. I don’t freak over the smell anymore, but I also don’t like being near it. I like to think that I’m getting better, that I’m okay with the smell, and maybe I am.

My seizures are getting worse, and it feels like I’m going slightly insane because NOBODY understands, and I’m thinking about trying some CBD oil and rubbing it on my foot. It’l be interesting, that’s for sure. #ITSLEGAL, #SEATTLE, #CBDOIL, #IDK, #ITCOULDWORK


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