Went to go see the allergist today, and he told me what I already suspected! I’m allergic to everything outside! He did a scratch test on my arm, and I have to admit after six minutes of not being able to scratch, it was super itchy!

I’m allergic to: dust mites, birch trees, grass, some type of weeds, two other types of trees, and cats! You should’ve seen the look on his face when he looked at some of the spots! He informed me that they looked ‘very’ angry! Same with the inside of  my nose, lol.


His advice?  Be careful when I go outside throughout February to the end of July, and to shut the doors and windows so I won’t get a gross reaction! #OUTSIDEBAD, #INSIDEGOOD #INSIDEISKINDABAD, #BUTNOTREALLY #INTHESCHEMEOFTHINGS


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