Two weeks or so ago I had to up my medication (because my neurologist seems like a sadist), and its finally catching up to me, and not in a good way. I’m caught between being in a haze and wanting to take four hour naps per day, and knowing that my blood is basically toxic from the medication.

I have to go get my blood drawn tomorrow (I so hope it’ll be tomorrow), so that my neurologist will see that its toxic, and then my mom can lower my intake so I won’t feel this way anymore. The side affects are WAY too much for me to handle this time, (LE SIGH).

I’m really sorry guys about the lack of posts this week – I just haven’t been feeling well – and even though that’s a sucky excuse, I’ll try to find some more funny things to talk about later next week! 🙂

I did win tickets to go see the new Batman: The Killing (I think that’s what its called?) to see on Monday! So awesome.

Also – I do believe that the Dolores Umbridge gif fits this short post! Mostly because I hated her character more than Voldemort (he who shall not be named) both in the book and the movie, and I hate this medication on the same level as her character. #LOL


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