A Future To Believe In.

Whenever my uncles come over they start talking about politics, right? After awhile of not understanding what they meant, I began to look stuff up myself and I find myself both proud that I can now keep up with what they are saying, and cringing because of the things that have been happening, and the comments that are always there under my FB news.

All I gotta say is – OUCH. Like…. I think its totally uncool about the fact that the election is obviously so rigged, and that they were against Bernie from the start. C’mon people, everyone deserves a fair chance! Sides’, aren’t most people my age voting for him anyways? He still has a fighting chance! I think I’m just going to write his name in on the ballot, and hope for the best.

I’ve got opinions, and I ain’t afraid to post em! I almost feel like that Bernie will bring out the best of people, mostly because of the fact that when I went to one of his rally’s in Seattle, everyone was smiling and hugging each other. It felt like it was the beginning of a new movement!



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