This Monday I went to go do my 24 no sleep EEG test at 7 in the morning (I stayed up half the night playing on an old school Nintendo system and getting enraged because I kept getting sent back to level 1 – goddamnit), did the testings, and they induced a seizure out of me by making me do the hyperveltilation test.

Which sucked.


My neurologist is thinking that I’m having very small absent seizures that no one is noticing a couple of times a day, and that my medication is no longer taking. I hope that he’s right. Maybe it explains why I’ve been feeling so sick for the past few years? I really want an explanation on why my seizures are NOT controlled.

I had been on a medication named Generic Trileptal for my Epilepsy basically all of my life and when I turned 14, it suddently stopped working (LE SIGH).

I hope they find something to help! Otherwise, I’m going to ask my neurologist if he could somehow help me and my parents get to California where some of the best doctors are at, and where the new trials are. Apparently there are grants for that sort of thing? That’s what I’ve heard through the grapevine, anyways.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you guys know what the test results are as soon I can look at them/when they tell me! ❤





2 thoughts on “My EEG (MONDAY) TEST.

  1. Well what I can say is from the past docs have told me is some folks will have seizure more so after or when they mature around teenage years to adult years and continue until treated. Good luck with your travels. I suggest just relax and let it go when it happens. Can be hard but try to.

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