White Crosses.

Perhaps the saddest thing I have ever seen, is when  I come across unblemished white crosses on the side of the road, or on the side of very green forests. I never saw them when I lived in Idaho, but when I started seeing them very continually, I asked my mom and she told me that it was a sign that a person died. It could’ve been where someone crashed, or something other.

It’s extremely sad that I don’t have enough flowers in the world to place on the crosses, but I think that the sentiment of me and the thought of others when they see it is good enough.


One thought on “White Crosses.

  1. Aye, I see these kind of memorials or markers where dead may lie. Usually marked with flowers and or a cross. One marker for all my life has been kept fresh and clean. Just a simple bike all white and the occasional flowers. It is just tradition that started years back.

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