I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this on my blog before – but I have several types of seizures (photosensitivity, partial complex, absent, grand mals, ect) and the one that has been bothering me the most lately, is the kind where I have episodes when I get too full, or if I eat too much.

Its weird.

I was eating a burger for my birthday, and then I had an episode because I got full way too quickly. Its something I NEED to talk to my neurologist about the next time I see him! I think its a very good to get people to know about this type of seizure, and to remind them that there are more seizures out there, not just the stereotypical one that you see half of the time on TV.

Its interesting to be part of a 5%, I think.





4 thoughts on “Eating.

  1. Just take it easy when you eat, I do personally. Also maybe consider it was the food or establishment. I cannot go to Taco Bell at one local place. Without seizing up afterward in the day.

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