EEG’S (a total crapfest)

So! I went to see the neurologist yesterday and apparently I have to go in and have a 24 no sleep EEG because he has suspicions that I’m having little seizures that nobody has been noticing, and that my medication isn’t taking.


On that note – I’m gonna tell you guys what HAPPENS during an EEG and tell you WHY its an utter crapfest. Whenever you do a 24 hour no sleep EEG, its exactly as it sounds. No sleep, and you have to be at the hospital at 8 or sooner in the morning, and THEN have to wait there for two hours as part of the no sleep instructions.

They then put the wires on your head (Oh god, the GLUE) and make you do these weird tests that range from painful, or throw up worthy to induce abnormal brain activity. They are both painful and throw up equally, IMO.

The first test is this:

They have you stare up into the ceiling where a light flickers at you in different colors constantly to see if you have a reaction to it (a seizure) and they do it for 10 minutes or more. They then have you close your eyes, and you can still see the lights pounding into your eyes, and eventually, it becomes SUPER SUPER PAINFUL. That might just be me because I’m photosensitive, but in general, people don’t like the flashing lights unless they are at a concert. Even then, its meh.

The second test is:

They have you lay down completely flat on the cot, and I shit you not, they make you breath in and out until you hyperventilate and then you shake uncontrollably  and it makes you feel like you have to throw up. I tried it once – I didn’t like it (in the words of Grumpy Cat).

After that – you go to sleep for an hour and then they shove you out the door after taking off the wires off of your head.

Seems pretty interesting, doesn’t it?



4 thoughts on “EEG’S (a total crapfest)

  1. Well the EEG is a pain for me as well so I just hope the staff treats me well. Also it is expensive as hell I would state that to the doctor I might myself when it come time for me to do so again.

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