Brock Turner.


A few days ago, a lot of friends of mine on Facebook posted about a letter from a rape victim, and you know what? I read it, and I was disgusted with the WHOLE justice system, and anyone that was involved with it!

Brock Turner (former swimmer) was supposed to go to jail for 7 years (or something like that) got his sentence reduced to six months, and then to 3?! In the words of a beloved comic book character named Deadoool, “WHAT THE SHIT?!”

Is rape not considered a felony anymore, if you’re father has big pockets and even bigger connections? Clearly not.

It is extremely disgusting (yes this post needs to have two disgusting’s in it) to me how the judge said that 7 years (or something) was too harsh of a punishment for someone like ‘Brock the Rapist Turner’, and then the father said 20 minutes of action wasn’t worth getting his name slandered and going to jail?

I’m just sitting behind the screen, thinking…

Why don’t YOU go to jail and see if you can handle the 20 minutes that YOU subjected that poor girl to? Now, I don’t know this particular girl, but I just want to let you know (if you’re reading) that I’m with you, and I’m hoping that you get the justice you deserve, and that the judge gets thrown off the bench.


And thank you The Shameful Narcissist for telling me about the letter from Joe Biden! It made me smile!






4 thoughts on “Brock Turner.

  1. Agreed. That man is famous as a monster now rather than a top swimmer. The open letter was brilliant, very inspiring and this case is going to educate/inspire many others.

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