Today when I was out and about with my family – I had a seizure. It wasn’t a grand mal or anything, but it was an absent one and embarrassing. I bet nobody ever tells you how people feel afterwards, but for me, it makes me cry and wonder when it’ll ever stop.

There’s a 60 percent chance (or something among those lines) that as soon as you stop your medication, that the seizures WILL come back and it will suck, and it will be brutal. It isn’t the case for some people (the lucky ones) but for most? We’re not that fortunate.

This seizure however was something else. Whenever I have a seizure, I do weird hand motions and I tremble. I did do this, and you know what happened afterwards? I almost threw up, and it was extremely painful. I thought I was having the equivalent to a migraine, but it wasn’t that.

So what people may never tell you is – is that the absent ones/complex partial ones? They CAN be painful too, and it sucks.

It really does.




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