Good Deed!

I made chocolate crackle cookies the other day along with chocolate chip cookies (part of my cook book idea and now I’m at 11 recipes) and sent a dozen of the chocolate chip ones off to a cousin in Yakima as a congratulations gift because she finished her first year of college!


I then dropped off chocolate crackle cookies to a friend who’s depressed because her mother was just diagnosed with a medical problem and another few (more than a few, maybe?) to my dad to take to work, and I feel extremely happy with myself!

I am also very happy to say that I’m going to be making my first peanut butter bunt cake for my grandma’s birthday on Monday! She’ll be turning 90 years old! I asked my mom if she was born during the civil war and if I could ask her what it was like, and apparently I was dead wrong about when she was born. Oops.

I think I should maybe read up on my history again despite me thinking I had a good grasp on it! Lol.



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