The woes of living with an old person.

So I was making an Apple Cobbler for my mom’s mother’s day dessert, right? And apparently my grandma forgot that I was in the kitchen, or she did remember and just whispered really loudly – but here’s what happened that made me almost cut my finger on the chopping board when I heard it:

GRANDMA: Megan’s becoming a very good baker, isn’t she?
BROTHER: Yes, she makes delicious stuff!
GRANDMA: Its just too bad that her kind die out before they’re 35, huh?

My kind? Seriously?

… this is what happens when people forget when I’m in the kitchen – and when people are super uniformed about Epilepsy.


5 thoughts on “The woes of living with an old person.

  1. “Her kind”. Well, I guess you and I can get a couple’s casket to die in together, then. I’m sorry she’s super uninformed and clearly off her rocker about Epilepsy and that you heard that. My grandma has had it her whole life and she’s going on 70. Just keep baking, and don’t let your grandma taste your treats!

  2. Perhaps it’s time to give Grandma some educational reading material for Mother’s Day. Just add a polite note explaining you heard her comment and thought she might benefit from some good hard science to refute her misconceptions.

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