Two days ago, my neighbor’s dog bit my dog.  I’ve been feeling anxious because of the wound in her side (its beginning to heal) and I’m just wishing that it never happened to her. She’s my world, and my little girl.

(this is why I haven’t really posted anything – sorry!)

I was completely furious when it happened, and I started ranting to my brother who walked over to the neighbors and told them what occurred when he saw that a white pad was covering her side. And you know what happened?


I feel like my SEIZURE ALERT  dog deserves some kind of justice, but I just know it won’t happen. The dog who bit her  is mean, and I want them to keep that dog on a leash. I’m not gonna call animal control because that’s just cruel, but why should my dog be harmed because of the neighbors negligence? Seriously.

Katie will be just fine because she’s strong and a Morales and all she needs is a good weekend filled with sleep and non stop cuddles. I’m sure of it.

Do I sound like a worried mother? Of course I do, and I’m proud of it.



2 thoughts on “What?

  1. Hope your sweet pup will be ok. And of course you should sound like a worried mother, animals are just like kids, and it was your fur baby who was hurt. Hopefully your neighbors will come around and realize they need to keep better control of their dog.

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