I like to think that I’m pretty okay with trying new-ish types of restricted food  like Gluten Free, (which is downright nasty in my opinion), the Ketogenic Diet (which I had to try for my Epilepsy, but it didn’t work out) and some other things that I can’t quite remember at the moment!

I’m going to be making Avocado Chocolate Cookies tomorrow which is a truly odd combination and Primal Coconut Macaroons  for a family member’s Paleo diet when we go to her house on Sunday, and I’m seriously hoping that they come out alright!

Its a very good thing that I have a passion for cooking/baking, because otherwise, I would not do this. At all. But I like to make people happy, so why not on the other hand? It’s just weird to me to not use regular ingredients, and it doesn’t taste quite right, you know?

I’m wishing myself luck! Lol.





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