I think I was around seventeen when I firmly decided that I wanted to try some ‘modeling’ classes, right? I went for 12 weeks, (finished all of my classes) and my Epilepsy had grown worse and worse at the time, so I had to stop pursuing it for awhile.

And you know what? I’m finally beginning to feel better! I’m not 100% there, but its better from where I was before!

I’ve been applying for agencies, and I have realized that its much like receiving rejection letters from publishing companies – but instead of writing, its based on your looks. I mean seriously, it sucks.

I think so far I’ve been rejected four times, and someone in Canada wanted to know if I wanted to be represented from there, or from the U.S.! It’s completely nerve wracking, because I wrote back to their response email, and they haven’t responded back quite yet!

I’m being hopeful that they won’t forget about me – because I seriously want to do this! I would personally like to be a runway model, or someone that models with make – up/hair related stuff.

Wish me luck!





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