I’m sure that all of you are super aware that I’m such a huge fan of Mr. David Bowie (and will continue to be for the rest of my life) and that I was super saddened when he died, to the point where I couldn’t listen to his music without sobbing.

But my mom found something on her Facebook! I had been waiting for over eight years to be able to see Mr. Bowie, and in a rather brutal way, found out that I couldn’t. Guess what though? There’s another man who sounds/looks exactly like him!

His name is David Brighton, and he’s so lovely!

I hope that one day I will be able to see him, or rather – get in contact with him and ask him if he’d ever consider doing a public show that doesn’t require you to be 21 and over in Seattle! Seriously.

My dad informed me that this in fact is ‘NOT’ Bowie, but I already knew that! Alas, this is the only way I could ever see ‘something’ extraordinarily like Bowie. How sad is that?!

P.S – Tom Ellis is the bomb, and he works for any gif. 😉


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