You know what’s ironic? Its the fact that I’m deathly afraid of needles, but I was able to get a tattoo! And since today is going to be a slow day for me – I am thinking I’m going to tell everyone about my horror stories concerning blood draws! (I’m also going to be getting a blood draw today, so this should be fun…..)

01. I remember at one point when I was younger, I was sitting in one of those chairs waiting for the doctor to come around (at this point in my life, I wasn’t afraid of needles) and he started to draw blood. But then he missed. And missed. And missed. And missed. During the eighth or maybe 6th time of missing my vein, I started to scream. My mom eventually snapped, and I got a new nurse who drew it perfectly. Needless to say, I got a lot of ice cream after that.

02.  Another time I was in a MRI machine and they were injecting my veins with dye, and OMG did it hurt, so when I heard the person who injected me with the dye say, “Shit, why hasn’t she stopped bleeding?!” it make me freeze up.

03. I made it a rule to lay down when I get blood drawn awhile ago because of this reason- I was getting my blood drawn, and apparently the doctor couldn’t actually get blood out of my vein because it kept rolling, and when she told me she was going to try the other arm, I looked down and saw that the actual needle was still sticking out of my arm, and blood was slowly trickling out. Least to say, I fainted.

So many blood draws, so little I remember.





4 thoughts on “Needles.

  1. I can see why you don’t like needles… When I was in high school I had to have blood drawn and the doctor couldn’t find a vein. I looked like a heroin addict, with all these needle marks in my arm…

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