So I went to a modeling school a year or two ago and unfortunately, the school was a totally scam. But, they did teach me a couple of good poses to do if I were to find myself in a modeling agency!

(I did take a little break afterwards and not out of my own choice. My epilepsy had grown worse at the time).

Since I can’t go back to the other one, (it was a total bust like I said) I’ve been applying to a couple of modeling agencies! But it was a bummer that the first place I submitted my pictures to declined my application within’ a short six hours!

Get back to you in three days my butt!

Wish me luck!



21 thoughts on “MODELING.

  1. I just bumped on your blog. Hope you’ll get into some kind of great agency, and it’s so sad to hear that you’re fighting an epilepsy problems. My thoughts are with you, and you are followed 🙂
    Please check out my modeling blog if you have any free time and leave some comments and thoughts, it would really mean a lot coming from you.
    Sending all the best wishes!

    • Cool! And I sorda gave up on trying to model – I either have too similar looks to what their models look like, or I keep bumping into scams. I also can’t go to a different state because my parents won’t let me! It seriously sucks! I’ll check our your blog in a minute, 😉

  2. Well, in any event you shouldn’t give up. I am a model and was reject my first 3 years before someone gave me a shot. And the scam part is really bad. sorry that happened. Check out my blog if you’d like. It’s about modeling and traveling! You’re welcome to ask me any questions as well!

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