So I’m going to tell you guys something that I really don’t advertise to people, but its not really a secret. I decided to tell you this, BECAUSE I haven’t talked about my Epilepsy for quite awhile, and figured my next post should be about that.

*takes a deep breath*

Despite me being nineteen years old, I’ve never learned how to tie my shoes. I have something called ‘cognitive issues’ because of my Epilepsy and it makes it very hard for me to learn things that other people know how to do almost instantly. For multiple years, I felt ashamed that I had to ask my parents to tie my shoes whenever they came undone, but I’ve come to learn that it’s ‘okay’ that I don’t know how to do some things, even if it makes me feel ‘inadequate’ at times.

I have tried and tried over the years – but then I would have an extremely bad seizure, and I forgot what I learned. So I figured, ‘why do I have to keep trying, when all I do is forget?’ It’s one of those things that I can’t overcome, and its frustrating. Deeply frustrating.

What has stuck with me all this time, is when my first grade teacher laughed in my face when I asked her if she could tie my shoes. I haven’t really had any luck with teachers, but that’s not my fault. Its theirs.

I suppose that one day I could learn how to tie my shoes correctly, bunny ears and all, but that day is not today. I wish I could do it, but….. I can’t. My mom decided to buy me some shoelaces that I don’t have to tie (or she doesn’t have to tie), and I’m super grateful.


8 thoughts on “Shoes.

  1. My 12-year-old cannot tie his shoes properly because of OT issues. Slip on shoes, velcro, zippers and non-tying shoe laces are a blessing! If he never learns to tie his shoes it is fine with me. I would rather him be able to hold a conversation with someone and make a friend much more than I would have him tie his shoes.

  2. I myself having epilepsy and my own issues that are related. Its fine blow it off, just keep trying if you want to.

    My personal problem is a steady hand which is translated to being nervous in an interview for work. Makes it tough but hey. I keep working at it.

  3. why these shoe laces annoying you in this era.. forget that 1st grade teacher.. megan..
    plz do follow me am very new here…
    I will be glad.. am not that good but do check my few posts..

  4. I’m glad you wrote this. We ‘normal’ people often forget how nice our lives are and how much other people have to fight.
    And I have huge respect for people like you. Being mentally strong is a thing many of us miss, and – who cares about the shoelaces – there are better things to concentrate on. Like, being happy, no matter what comes.

    Life’s too short for stupid people. Even when they’re teachers…

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