One of my cousins the other day asked me what I wanted to do if I went to college, (I already accomplished on what I wanted to do at seventeen – which was to become a published author) and it gave me some pause.  What would I want to do? Would I want to study books and papers again for another twelve years and get enormous head-aches in the process? Or take a very long break that results in me never going to college?

As I began to think about this, I turned on my playlist on YouTube and a thought occurred to me! Why not be some kind of journalist? A Rock ‘N’ Roll journalist might I add? These type of journalists don’t have to go to school – they just have to go to multiple ‘in town’ concerts, or whoever is playing closest to you, and write a review on a blog!


Or maybe I’ll stick with writing my books that feel like they will never come out – and hope for the best? Decisions, decisions…



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