I was on my Twitter account earlier, looked at Michael Ian Black’s tweets as I usually do twice a week, and guess what hysterical thing I found? A guy apparently hates Trump SO MUCH, he decided to write erotica about him (As a bellboy) and post it on Amazon!

Apparently its on the #5 best seller list, and he’s going to write a trilogy! Fancy that, huh?

The kicker is, is that Trump knows about it and he acknowledged it on Twitter! I was laughing so hard earlier, I cried! *snorts*

Trump of course wants it down, and of COURSE the other guy isn’t going to do it! I can’t wait to see how all of this plays out!

And if you guys were wondering, my Twitter handle is @LectMrs! I know, totally screams Hannibal fan doesn’t it? #UNAPOLOGETIC


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