I am feeling slightly angry at the moment – earlier, someone tagged me in a post saying that Henson Productions gave permission for another company to make the sequel to the ‘Labyrinth!’

Why am I angry you ask?

You would think I would be happy that they were continuing the story but I am angry like a bunch of other fans, BECAUSE they decided to do this a week after Bowie died? Utter BULLCRAP I tell you! Why couldn’t they make the sequel when Bowie was alive and well? Or as soon as the comics (sequels) came out? Abet, he didn’t get a happy ending, (Sarah didn’t either) but you get my point.

This movie is going to be a joke.

A complete cosmic joke.

My jaw is grinding as I write this and my inner Kylo Ren is coming out, and to tell you the truth? I honestly think Bowie wouldn’t be happy about this. No one is.

I seriously hope that this post gets to the people who are wanting to do this, and actually READS IT. David Bowie isn’t someone you just replace, and its incomprehensible that you think its possible to do so!

I won’t be watching it – but still.

Just, AGH.

*makes wild hand motions*


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