Space Oddity.

I’m feeling a little bit better today about David Bowie’s death, and my chest is no longer aching from the misery of knowing that he’s no longer with us. But clearly, he was the type of person who wouldn’t want people to be upset over his death, right?

And you know what’s kinda odd? Every single one of my friends who are extreme fans of Bowie (like me) had the urge to watch the Labyrinth/listen to his CD’s the day he died, before they even knew that he did! Spooky.

So in honor of his awesomeness/grooviness and what people are already doing on Twitter, here’s one of my favorite parts of his song ‘Space Oddity!’

I’m stepping through the door,

And I’m floating in a most peculiar way,

And the stars look very different today!

For here,

Am I sitting in tin a can?

Far above the world,

Planet Earth is blue,

And there’s nothing that I can do….




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