Slowly Wilting.

I went online today, and heard/read the most chilling sentence I have ever seen.

David Bowie has died of Cancer at 69.

I was just getting up out of bed, and went to check on my Facebook. I saw that my dad tagged me in something, went to look, and my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach, and it felt like my heart was wilting.

David Bowie wasn’t just someone who I had a crush on – he was someone who helped me through my childhood, through the numerous bullies, through well, everything.  I had been dying to see him in concert for years, and now I will never be able to.

He had helped me with so much with my writing, and I have to say – that without his help, I wouldn’t of gotten so far with emotional related writing scenes. He also has helped me come back to a better world after having a seizure, and that’s not always an easy thing to do when you feel like your world is spinning and like you have to throw up.

He was the Goblin King, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Monty from the Linguini Incident and so many other things! He gave this little girl the courage to write fantasy, to love writing weird and new things, and gave courage to her when the world seemed like a very cruel and hurtful place.

I’m actually crying in real life as I write this post. As soon as I get my bearings back, I’ll be up to writing more posts! This hit me harder than Nimoy’s death! Have you ever had a celebrity/singer that moved you so profoundly, that it just…

I will never be able to say thank you for all that he has done for me, but I could do one last thing in his memory! I was already planning to do this, but I’m going to dedicate my next book ‘STROBE’ to him, in his honor.

Just thank you David Bowie.

Thank you.

I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.  I felt very puny as a human. I thought, ‘Fuck that.  I want to be Superhuman’. – David Bowie.



2 thoughts on “Slowly Wilting.

  1. Yes, I echo this sentiment. Gods can’t die! I saw this today on reddit: “A black star is a transitional phase that is created when a collapsing star is close to reaching singularity, where said star’s influence becomes infinite and space-time itself ceases to exist within it, and although the star at this point has died, it has been transformed into something else altogether and its energy will continue to be released indefinitely” ❤

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