Does anyone want to tell me what the hubbub is about, about the Starbucks coffee cup? Its been all over my newsfeed on Facebook, and I’m confused. It’s just a coffee cup people! I was told it was because the Christian’s got offended over something, but isn’t Christmas a pagan holiday anyways?

#confused, #itsjustacup, #whyarepeoplegettingoffended?


6 thoughts on “STARBUCKS COFFEE CUP?

  1. I had not heard of this “controversy” until your post. I just looked it up. So, a red and green (Christmas colors) cup is ultra-anti-Christian while past cups of snowmen and such are like so pro-Christian? I’m confused. I think I’ll just have to go to Starbucks and drink some coffee and think about it, not giving a flying f* what the cup looks like… And yes, Christmas is a pagan holiday.

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