Getting Shot.


I finally finished being a zombie that gets hit by paintballs for Halloween yesterday, as I chose not to go today because of my mind/body saying, “HELL NO!”

Saturday’s are brutal.

BUT, I did want to share with you guys on all the places where I got shot! Because seriously. There’s a lot of places since they gave us padding that didn’t work and they just fixed it with lots of duck tape! They covered, but barely.

Three times on my neck, four on the back of my shoulder, (it was hard to lift my arm for awhile because it was near my armpit) four on my left arm, six on my left, three on my left leg, twice on my stomach, two on my feet, one on my toenail, two on the back of my head, one in my eye (it just grazed, I think), three in my nose, (went up my nose and I’m not sure how that happened), and two times on both sides of my ears!

Fun, huh?

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