Celeberties/Autographs (THAT I HAVE/MET)

  • Karl Urban.
  • Mark Sheppard.
  • Walter Koeing.
  • John De Lancie (mostly because I thought he was hot)
  • John Barrowman.
  • Stan Lee.
  • Clark Gregg.
  • JK Rowling.

2 thoughts on “Celeberties/Autographs (THAT I HAVE/MET)

  1. Mine include:
    Martin Freeman (my absolute favourite actor)
    Sir Ian McKellen (after he beat me at Pub Quiz. Total gent!)
    Mark Gatiss
    John Simm
    Louise Brealey
    Joe Armstrong
    Ralf Schmitz
    Dieter Nuhr
    Matthew Lewis (back when he was still an awkward 15yo)
    Elijah Wood
    Orlando Bloom
    David Wenham
    John Rhys-Davies
    Lawrence Makoare (probably my favourite encounter ever!)
    John Noble
    Bruce Hopkins
    Vesna Maric
    Kapka Kassabova
    Neil Gaiman

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