Conflicted Feelings.

Lately, I’ve been so obsessed with Tom Cavanagh and have been slowly going through all of his movies and his TV shows –  and in total, I have seen nineteen of his films including some of his shows. (three). If anyone could find me a DVD of his show ‘Love Monkey’s’ it would totaaallly make my year!

But back to the real point of this post…. I saw a film he was in, and it was called “Bang Bang – You’re Dead.” As I watched the film, it brought back memories from when I was bullied, thinking about what I was feeling at that point – and it brought heavy tears to my eyes, my heart heavy.

And if ya’ll don’t know, it’s based off a play and has been in thousands of productions across the world! I really do recommend this movie to anyone who has been bullied – to the kids who have been thrown into the trash, have gotten swirlies, who have been emotionally abused, who have been checked into lockers just because someone was stronger than them or because they were different.

Some people…. just take it way too far with their bullying and there is absolutely 0 reason why people should do that to each other. We’re all human beings, aren’t we? We have feelings, and feelings can be…. complicated.

I should’ve done something when I was younger – like stick up to my bully, but I never did. I have always wondered why she bullied me – but I decided to forgive her long ago, despite the emotional scars that I still have.

I usually don’t connect to movies like this, but…. it was, just a WOW moment to me. Thank you Mr. Cavanagh, for being in this film and the other fine people who worked on it so hard!

Am I wrong, for saying that I choose another way? For trying to reach the things that I can’t see? That’s just the way that I feel!



4 thoughts on “Conflicted Feelings.

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this post. I think that bullying can leave a lasting effect on everybody. One of the best ways I find that dealing with it helps is to forgive those who have bullied you (as hard as that may be) because that way.. they have no power over you anymore.
    Xx. ParParV

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