So, I’ve seen people write theories on their blogs about their thoughts on what is going to happen in season 2 of the Flash. I would like to point out the fact that I’m a very obvious fan of Harrison, so this is what this particular post is going to be about. I have read on numerous websites that the guy who plays Harrison, (Tom Cavanagh) is going to back! Woohoo! But the question for me is, is he really going to be Wells, or is Eobard still going to be in his body?

I personally don’t mind Eobard being in Harrison’s body BECAUSE of the fact that Tom Cavangh plays it so brilliantly – plus his and Barry’s relationship is very much my favorite thing about the show. It makes me sad to think that IF Barry hits another time line, that there would be a different world where Harrison does not care for Barry like the current one does, (even though he is technically not the real Dr. Wells).

Gosh. I have so many thoughts about this and difficult FEELS!

But I am wondering, if Eobard will have to go back in time (ONCE AGAIN) if he found himself in the same exact position and made it so that he’s in Wells body again because he always needed Wells for what he needed to do.  I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to be a speedster?

And what the heck? There were so many things that Eobard could’ve done to make sure that he wouldn’t be caught. He could’ve hidden the body Dexter style, and HE also could’ve used the excuse that he used Barry’s blood so that he could walk again. Just, DUH.

Its totally not helping that I’m a BARRISON fan – but I truly believe that he started to feel something other then hatred for Barry once he got to know the young him, and stopped seeing the older version. Plus in one of the earlier episodes, he told him that he cared for him and that he would always be there for Barry.

Which is totally awesome.

My shipper hard exploded in the later episodes when he told Barry that he was feeling pride and love for him! Thus, it explains my thoughts from above.

I just cannot deal with the fact that Harrison (even though he’s not really a known DC character) might not care about Barry in any universe. The life of a fangirl….I am also very hopeful that they might fix their relationship IF he’s still stuck in Wells body, because, C’MON!

Please make it happen?


Thoughts, anybody?

One thought on “The Flash: SEASON 2 THOUGHTS.

  1. there are many theories… i read one and it says that maybe Eobard will find a way to get revenge and maybe there will be another speedster to accompany Barry Allen! So excited!!! ><

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