Busy, busy, busy!

I’ve been quite the busy bee since my birthday! I have been working on my new book, (its currently at sixteen pages) and when I’m not doing that, I’ve been watching the Flash and reading fanfiction about it. Dear god, Harrison Wells is SPICY! I also have a brand new ship! It’s called Barrison! 😉

(if you guys hadn’t noticed by now, I have a butt-load of ships that make me SQUEE!) Anyways – feel free to comment below on what you want to ask me, or something? I like the comments!

Dr. Harrison Wells: Listen to me, Barry. Breathe. Breathe. Feel the air. Feel that wind on your face. Feel the ground, your feet lifting you up, pushing you forward, and the lightning – Barry, feel the lightning. Feel its power. It’s electricity pumping through your veins, crackling through you, traveling to every nerve in your body, like a shock. You’re no longer you now. You’re part of something greater. You’re a part of a speed-force. It’s yours. Now do it.


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