I forgot what these peppers were called (they are hot as hell)  and my brother and I were staring at the bag that was holding them inside before opening it and tentatively sniffing at it because you could smell and sample things at that particular store. This is what our conversation was like:

ME: I dare you to eat one!

BROTHER: Fine, but I dare you to do a line of it. (points to the jar of said crushed  pepper).

ME: How do I know that if I do a line, that you’ll eat the pepper?

BROTHER: You don’t!



6 thoughts on “SPICE STORE.

  1. Were they Naga peppers? I remember an article in an old Smithsonian magazine about them. They grow in Bangladesh and are supposed to have the highest content of capsaicin of any pepper. The juice of the raw pepper is enough to blister skin on contact.

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