I know many of you might not know this, and in the recent events of Josh Duggar and his family, I decided to go ahead and post this. Did you know, that having Epilepsy is as bad as being given a date rape drug? Every year another woman wakes up unaware of what happened only to find out that she’s pregnant!

When you have a seizure, you really DO NOT know what’s happening to you, and the world is spinning… you also don’t have control of your body, which makes it so much worse… plus the memories before and after a seizure are extremely hazy. So, I can understand why my friend shared the picture on Facebook, despite never being raped myself.

Sometimes, my parents tell me what happened during one of my seizures and I just furrow my eye brow and wonder why I couldn’t remember how that happened, or how it occurred in the first place. Epilepsy is a cruel, cruel mistress.

I am not interested in dating until I’m 100% better, and I’m fine with following my inner guidelines on how to protect myself.


One thought on “SORE SUBJECT.

  1. That is disgusting! It stuns me how sick and horrible people can be. I believe hell has a special section reserved for people who do things like that.


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