13 Things.

I’m sure not all of you have Epilepsy, (my followers) but I am sure that some of you might have a chronic illness. So, I saw this on my Facebook and thought that I should share it!

It talks about people who have a chronic illness, and is basically sticking up for them. Kinda like the ‘Spoon Theory’ that a wonderful woman posted a few months ago. (I think? Or was it a few years ago….)

I suppose that I have a chronic illness, because nobody understands how I feel underneath, and some people just think that Epilepsy is a made up thing and is just in our heads to cry out for attention. Which it isn’t. CRACK A BOOK OR READ WIKIPEDIA PEOPLE!

Here it is: http://www.mtv.com/news/2061806/chronic-illness-wish-understood/

4 thoughts on “13 Things.

  1. People really think it’s made up? Those people are simply ignorant. What is the most challenging part of having epilepsy?

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