Nerves (SENSORY).

For the past month in a half, my nerve (sensory) problems have gotten somewhat worse. Before, I couldn’t stand anything clothing touching me below my knees, or anything below my elbows. Now, my feet just itch whenever I put socks and shoes on. What a twist of events! When I was younger, my mom had to brush my arms and legs with a small hairbrush, and now it seems like I have to do it again…

And, it also seems that I can no longer drink any assortment of pop… or Snapple without getting monster head-aches. BOOO!


5 thoughts on “Nerves (SENSORY).

  1. I never heard of anything like that before. When my skin is dry, nothing can touch me without giving me this awful yucky feeling. I guess the same yuck from touching paper bags or cardboard….blllllleeeeeehhhhhh….just thinking about it….yuck!

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