Did You Know?

Did you know, that back when Adolf Hitler was a dictator, he would kill of anything that wasn’t perfect? And that includes the Epileptics. And did you know, that back in the 1900’s, the government wouldn’t give epileptic women the right to have children?


4 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. The disabled and elderly were the first victims of Hitler’s regime. Neurology in the 1900’s was primitive and epilepsy was thought to be genetic.

    I have a very close friend with epilepsy. He hasn’t had a grand mal in several years, but he has multiple brief seizures on a daily basis. From what he has told me, neurology in 1990’s was still in the dark about epilepsy. One doctor told him that his brain was going to deteriorate and he would be dead by 30. For about a year when he was in his mid teens he struggled under this misdiagnosis.

    • Neurology is still in the dark about epilepsy and other seizure disorders. I’ve had 2 doctors throw in the towel because they can’t find where the seizures are coming from. Good news: they’re not that debilitating. In fact, even in a “bad one,” I have poor balance and slower thinking, but I can still function.

  2. Yeah, I knew that. What a guy, huh?

    And today there are dictators that are equally as bad, while we sit around singing Kumbaya. Not George Bush. He kicked their ass.

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