The Publisher and I.

The Publisher and I.

This is how I became an author! A friend of mine (as I mentioned before) asked me for a tidbit on my story, and then added me into a three way conversation, and this is how I became an author! I was working on a completely different story that would’ve gotten my butt sued if it actually got published. But then later that night, my dad pushed me into sending my children’s story, and I got accepted into the publishing company! ❤


One thought on “The Publisher and I.

  1. In 2012, PDMI signed their first publishing contract, with the lovely Emily Guido, author of the Light-Bearer Series.
    Tc kept asking Emily for other authors she would recommend, but she didn’t recommend anyone until she read a then-self-published novel called “Vampire Syndrome.”
    Tc McKinney loved what he saw, and in December 2012 I became PDMI’s second contracted author. Dozens of authors have been signed since, including you!

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