Author Megan Elizabeth Morales

Author Megan Elizabeth Morales

Hiya Everyone!

One of my followers suggested that I should post my Facebook Author Page so that you guys can see what I post! Feel free to follow me on that as well! I don’t update it as often as I do on here, but I think its swell!


2 thoughts on “Author Megan Elizabeth Morales

  1. Reblogged this on ronovanwrites and commented:
    If you are a follower of Megan and have a facebook account, click like on her author page,
    If just half of us did that she would have a lot of supporters. Don’t worry about knowing who you are. She’ll just love having people support her. I even posted on my regular facebook page and my friends have clicked like for her. I think we in the community can do better than strangers can.

  2. Thank you for following my blog, Sophisticating the Rudimentary. As the name implies, I approach my site as a way to motivate myself to write, hone my fledgling skills as a storyteller, and share my works-in-progress with a larger audience. That being said, I ask you read each post with a critical eye. What doesn’t make sense? Where are there gaps that need to be filled? Where do gaps need to be left open? What would be a fun place for the story to go? What more do you want to know? What should be left to the reader to understand? Please do not hesitate to leave critical feedback on any or all of the pieces on my site! That is one of the motivating reasons behind my decision to keep this blog going. Also, please feel free to share my work with readers whose feedback you think my pieces might benefit from. As I continue to work, I update my pieces on the site in the hopes that we can track this process of revision together.
    Yours in letters,
    Daniel J. Metzger

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