My uncle was diagnosed with lymphoma for the second time earlier this week, and he’s my absolute favorite. I like to think that he can beat Cancer’s butt like Natasha from the ‘Avengers’ does to that guy in the wrestling rink. My aunt told us that he’s going to be doing donor related things pretty soon so that he can get healthier. I’m going to go get tested and if I’m tested positive, I’ll give him some of my bone marrow. Wish us both luck!


3 thoughts on “Cancer.

  1. My great uncle beat lymphoma something like 5 times over 20 years. If your uncle is strong and a fighter he could have a few years left on him at least.

  2. Cancer sucks – here’s hoping he kicks its ass! My youngest bio son is reaching the end of his journey fighting leukemia; almost three and a half years fighting it, and he’s doing great. A few more months, and the docs tell us he will be clear, with a 90% chance of being clear for the rest of his life.

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