JK Rowling Is My Idol.

JK Rowling is my Idol.

When I was younger, (around four/six years old) I kept forgetting how to read and how to write after I had a seizure. My parents knew that I could do it since I had tons of determination, so they got me a Leap-Pad. I eventually learned how to do these things without forgetting, and I would always start by reading the first few pages of, ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ when I was confident enough that I didn’t need the Leap-Pad. I started to write when I was ten years old, after reading a book’s ending that didn’t exactly agree with me. I wrote my own ending instead and posted it on Fanfiction. JK Rowling has been my idol ever since I read that book, and one day, I would love to meet her and to shake her hand as a fellow author.


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